things to click on (part 1)

so i decided to start a new feature! (hmm…i’m not sure if my blog is cool enough to have features, but we’ll see how this goes) i thought it would be cool to post links to photos, music, people, sites, or whatever that I’ve been digging on lately. so without further ado, here is…

Things To Click On (Part 1)

  • SCANWICHES – hi-quality scans of sandwiches for delight and education! this is hilarious and actually really cool looking…i check this at least once a day…i might have to start a “scanwich of the week” feature!
  • scanwich

  • New Harry Potter trailer – this trailer really shows the darker side of the movie…can’t wait for this to come out!
  • harry

  • Mark Hoppus on Twitter – he’s hilarious and also talks a lot about music and the recording process
  • mark

  • Free download of “One of My Kind” – documentary about Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – great film with great music, plus it’s free!
  • oneofmykind

  • New freebie textures from fudgegraphics – these are really unusual and would look great on photos or in web design!
  • fudge

  • New photos from Chris Ward – Chris put up some really great new stuff this week…the sunset ones are particularly wonderful and his lovely model Joey adds quite a bit of class to the photos!
  • cward3

    That’s all I have folks! Hope you enjoy the links!


    One response to “things to click on (part 1)

    1. friend I love scanwhiches. I love it and it makes me so hungry.

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